Вантажні автомобілі залишаються у Камеруні


Goods transporting trucks to the Central African Republic have remained stranded at the East region.

Insecurity caused rebel and armed groups in the Central African Republic have obstructed traffic at the border localities.

The situation was first reported XNUMXth March XNUMX when rebel groups carried out incursions in Zoukombo in the Central African Republic, XNUMXkm from Garoua-Boulaï.

The President of the Confederations of Transport Trade Unions of Cameroon (CGSTC), Pierre Nyemeck has addressed a letter to the Central African Republic Embassy in Cameroon denouncing the deteriorating security situation.

The losses incurred from the delay are estimated at hundreds of millions.

The transporters are requesting for the government of the Central Africa Republic to secure the corridor so normal economic activities can resume.

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