Жорстока жорстока практика наближається


Cophrophagia (eating faeces) or Dubai Porta Potty is purportedly practised by African girls in Dubai in quest of money.

The young ladies recount days and even months of cruelty on board a yacht.

They confess they are forced to consume faeces and urine in addition to forceful sex with humans and animals (dogs and camels) in exchange for money.

Though no Cameroonian is amongst the group that has given testimonies about Dubai Porta Potty, female activists have gone on the offensive to decry this level of bestiality in the name of money.

These opinion leaders have mounted the social media rostrum to express outrage.

Their message is intended to deter potential victims, attracted by the lavish lifestyle of the victims once they come back home.

Cophrophagia which totally reduces the human being, the worst practice of slavery, also exposes the victims to dozens of infections including, hepatitis and HIV /AIDS amongst others.

Porta Potty in actual terms, is a portable toilet.

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